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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you able to smoke weed?

    • It depends on the specific venue. While most of our venues allow for combustible consumption of some sort, a few are vape, edibles, & dabs only.

  • What's the difference in the Elevated event ticket and the Basic ticket?

    • While both ticket types do include some kind of freebie swag, the Elevated event ticket includes extra swag, option access to an exclusive, members-only perks club, as well as a discount to receive an award-winning Lucky Turtle vape cartridge for only $1 with the purchase of your event ticket

  • Is cannabis consumption required for the events?

    • Absolutely NOT! We want all attendees to participate in whatever manner that they feel most comfortable to do so, so if you want to consume, by all means do, but if you'd rather sit the cannabis side of things out this or every time, that's fine, too!

  • How are you different than other Tokes and Brushstrokes/Smoke and Paint events

    • For starters, we really love the communities we're involved in, and take immense pride in showcasing not only the amazing cannabis culture in each location, but also the spectacular artists and creatives from each place as well.

    • We also make it a point to showcase and share our own personal local favorite cannabis and cannabis-adjacent businesses with participants via swag, discounts, and personal recommendations.

    • This is not just a day or part-time job for us; we truly believe that what we do here--sparking people's natural creativity--is a noble and worthy cause and take great satisfaction in helping people to see that anyone genuinely CAN create beautiful art that they're proud of.

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