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Cannabis and Art: The New Mixer

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

First dates can always be a little awkward. You get all dressed up to go hang out with someone you probably don't know all too well, and usually it's an alcohol-filled ordeal to, of course, lessen the awkwardness many of us feel in our own skin when under scrutiny the way a first date usually makes us feel.

Enter Tokes and Brushstrokes--a relaxed, 420-friendly atmosphere that not only allows you to get canna-comfortable the way you like, but also gives you a fun engaging activity with a souvenir to remind you of the (hopefully) good times you had!

Welcome to the new era of counter-Prohibition! The Smoking Twenties! So instead of a boozey first night out, choose Creatively Cannabis and get litty as a titty!

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